Friday, December 31, 2010

A Word from Silas - Welcome

Welcome to “A Word from Silas,” a history blog, sponsored by the Burke Historical Society. I am the original owner of the Silas Burke House, a house that I built in 1854, and the individual for whom the community of Burke, Virginia was named.

Over the next several weeks and months, I plan to bring you short stories of how life was in the Burke area over the years, beginning in the early 1800s, right up to present days. You’ll read stories of a life so different than our current days, yet a life dealing with many of the same basic issues. In the days before the American Civil War, it often took an individual, hours to go from one part of the county to the other, not unlike the challenges that the commuter has on any given evening in rush hour. You’ll learn about the big white farm house at the “Top of the Hill” and the many grist and lumber mills of the area, as well as the resort hotel and racetrack. You’ll read stories of a forest fire that nearly wiped out the area and a courageous rescue of children by individuals that still live in our community.

Lastly, we encourage you to keep an eye on “A Word from Silas” to learn about myself, my family, and my friends.  If you have any questions, would like to join the Burke Historical Society, or have information about the history of Burke that you would like to share, please drop me a note at or add a note to my blog.

Lt. Col. Burke
Burke Historical Society
Burke, Virginia